Sweetwater Lodge

About Us

Sweetwater Lodge is situated in South Africa in the bush 15 Km from Sun City and the magnificent Pilanesberg nature reserve hosting the BIG 5.

However we want to assure visitors that the area is MALARIA FREE and no yellow fever has ever occured. The worst you could probably encounter would be a cold or COMMON FLUE!!

Winters are mild, mostly frost free and the summers are sunny and hot. The climate is summer rainfall at an average of about 600mm/year. Our water is sweet and clean and is derived from 80 metres below the surface, hence uncontaminated by human effort!!(See our name)

It is very bushy and many species of game roam freely. We do not allow ANY HUNTING and we are conservationists. We believe in seeing the fauna and flora as being free and undisturbed.

We  are a pemanent Lodge i.e. we rent out to permanent residents that mostly work on the Chrome or Platinum mines, but we reserve a small amount of residence for Bikers, Hikers or Holiday passers by who want to spend a peacefull night,two or three in an air conditioned room and true African Bush.

Please check out our Photos in PICTURE GALLERY.

Find our contact detail in Contact us.( Telephone numbers and alternate e-mail addresses)

For now, a quick contact is gtvanrooy@gmail.com


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